We were introduced to TumTum products by a family friend a few years ago. When I had my own business, I met the business owner and was gifted a baking set.
Josh used it for years. However, their business has changed now, and this range has been discontinued, unfortunately.

But they do have some fantastic items for little people! We have the cutlery set, the nesting snack boxes, and the food flask.

Austyn is at that in-between age where he’s still too small for standard cutlery but too big for baby cutlery sets. He struggles with things like pasta, sauces, and soup because the spoons aren’t deep enough to load up enough food. Hooray for TumTum! This is probably the best cutlery set I have ever purchased for the kids. They’re robust, practical and the perfect size for him (he’s currently 5). The design has removable grippy sleeves that slide over the stainless steel cutlery, which is excellent for younger children who are still a bit messy and getting to grips with cutlery or kids like Austyn who randomly eat with their fingers and then go back to cutlery! I only have one of these so far, but I am definitely going to be buying more! Plus, a set for each of the grandparents to have when they babysit.

Auz is desperate to take pack lunches to school in the summer, so I purchased these little stackable snack boxes. I didn’t think we would use them much, but surprisingly I’m using them every day as they are perfect for portioning little after-school treats for him to help himself to when he gets home from school. There are four sizes, and the lids fit well to ensure they don’t randomly pop off, but they aren’t so tight that a child can’t open them.

I purchased this for days out. Austyn LOVES pesto pasta – but when it goes cold, it’s really yucky. This food flask is great because it keeps meals warm, and due to the size, children can eat a hot snack on the go, straight from the flask. It’s a genius idea for busy parents and foodie fans!

Tum Tum does an extensive range of items for little ones ranging from cups, placemats, and lunch boxes, plus more. The quality is outstanding. Furthermore, it’s dishwasher safe, which is a massive hit in our house (on eco-wash, of course), and the best bit, the products are BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

We thoroughly recommend TumTum, not only for their top quality products but as a company they are really friendly and helpful. Congratulations, TumTum. We think you are a brand to celebrate and thank you for sharing your products with us!