Waboba launched in 2005, the year that Josh was born. All these years later, the guys from Sweden who deem themselves “big kids at heart” are still going strong.

The theory behind this business is fun, fun and more fun. Let your inner big kid out and run free! It’s about taking the games we know and love and switching them up with something new, exciting and packaged up as a funky Waboba product.

The guys sent us a few items to try out, so let’s tell you a bit about them:

Firstly, Waboba doesn’t just do fun for us two-legged beings, but your four-legged furry pals can get in on the action too! The Fetch Dog Ball was a hit in our house. We have a Dogue De Bordeaux, and he is big, strong and destroys a dog toy in approximately 5 seconds. He’s a gentle giant, but he gets too excited.
On receiving Ernies ball, I must be honest, I didn’t think it was going to last 2 seconds, but five months later and it’s still going strong and is his favourite toy! As soon as we announce “walkies”, he runs off to fetch his beloved toy.

The other item Waboba sent us was Tides, “the ball that bounces on water”. We took this on holiday to Greece, and this has to be our favourite product. It was the one time we were together as a family and played what we called Water Wars. We would have a morning battle and an evening battle which usually ended up with me losing, but it’s great fun for all the family.

One of the main products from the Waboba range is their range of Moon Balls. These balls are SUPER bouncy! And I mean REALLY bouncy! They are great

One of the top products from the Waboba range are their super bouncy balls. We got a trio of delights, the Moon Ball, Lava Ball and Street Ball. These balls are SUPER bouncy! And I mean REALLY bouncy!

The Moon Ball is the original, the Lava Ball changes colour when exposed to sunlight, and the Street Ball bounces all over the place to keep you on your toes.
Every product is designed with fun in mind and designed to get you together with friends and family and have a blast. We are big fans of Waboba. Such fans that we have become proud brand ambassadors. You can check out their products here.