With our two older children, we used disposable nappies; however, this time around, I wanted to give reusable ones a go. Primarily because we’re more organic now, but also, there is so much focus on the environment and the benefits of eco-friendly choices we can make these days.

What was the goal of this review? To convince me it was worthwhile! All those disgusting nappies I would have to deal with instead of merely throwing them into the bin.
But then, on the other hand, despite my disgust, we need to be realistic. We all need to start focussing on our world, our planet. The future of our children by making better choices.

Wonderoo’s are manufactured by a company called Earthwise, an organic, eco-friendly company. The V3 Wonderoo nappies come in a vast array of colours and designs and what makes them even more perfect is the fact that one single nappy is suitable for newborn all the way through to toddler. You can check out the product info here

There are a plethora of reusable nappies out there, and we’ve tried a few, Wonderoo’s, however, have a great little insert that you can pop inside for extra absorbency, and we have had not one single leak occur throughout our time of using these with a 4-month-old. The fabric quality is outstanding, and the adjustments are tight enough to hold securely in place.


£14.50* for one nappy seems quite steep, bearing in mind that I would probably need ten a day based on how often I currently change Austyn. I also wouldn’t want to do washing ALL the time. Therefore, I would probably purchase 20 nappies to be safe. That is a £290 investment instead of £10 a week for a pack of disposable nappies…

However, having done the math, using reusable nappies does work out cost-effective because I would have spent £290 by the time Austyn is just 7 months old, and the reusable nappies are suitable until age 3 ½ judging by the weight. Therefore, by the time Austyn is 3 ½, I would have spent £1820 just on nappies! By switching to Wonderoos, I would save a whopping £1530 – that’s a family break away!!! Fantastic.

Now onto the part I was dreading. Washing. Ugh. I wash all clothing regularly and this particular item, due to it being in the “elements” a lot of the time, is obviously going to need regular washing.
I usually wash everything at 40 degrees, and I found that unless I put the nappies in soak immediately, there would be a bit of staining. This made it difficult when out and about; however, I understand that it is possible to purchase special detergent specifically designed for cloth nappies which may make a difference.

Overall I found these nappies really very easy to use. Of course, it took a while to get into the routine of soaking and regular washing to ensure I had enough nappies ready for the following day. Still, once I got into the habit, it became far less stressful, and not once has Austyn had any sort of nappy rash.

At age 2, I am still using these, and they are great because he can feel when he is wet and has started to tell me, so even up until the potty training transition change, these are still perfect.

One of the most surprising things is what good value for money they are. Once you work out your expenditure on disposable nappies – even when you add up the washing of reusable – you are still saving a lot of money, AND you’re saving the planet! Nothing is better than that…

*Price at time of writing review