Baby Tastes 10-15 months

Solid foods should now be the main focus of mealtimes for your little one. And while puree and blended foods at this age are fine, the introduction of more solids should replace purees to encourage chewing and swallowing chunkier foods.

100 Oatmeal BicciesNo, this recipe doesn't make 100 biscuits! But they are called 100 Oatmeal Biccies because the main ingredients are 100g of each, so it's an easy one to remember! I am also fully aware that these biscuits look crap in my picture - this is because I am a terrible baker, but I can assure you they taste lush and yours are very likely to look far better than mine!!
Banging Beefy BologneseSome babies are a bit unsure of the texture of mince, so I recommend popping the beefy sauce in a blender initially. As your child becomes more attracted to it, simply do not blend for as long, so a few more beefy bits remain. If they really aren’t keen on the texture of mince, serve Rotini pasta (you know the spiral one) and some sliced soft garlic bread and encourage the sauce to be used as a dip, before you know it, they’ll be loading those spoons up! Again, the Bolognese can be stored in the freezer for up to 4 weeks, however, the pasta will need to be cooked fresh each time.
Cheesy PastaroniPastina is the smallest pasta available and comes in cutesy little stars – macaroni isn’t quite as big as pasta and therefore great for developing little chewers and perfect as an introduction to Italian foods for your little one.
Dip ‘n’ Dunk Red Pepper & VeggieTry to balance the size of the vegetable chunks so they are small enough to grasp and chew but not so small that they could be swallowed whole. If you want to add a touch of variety add toasted pitta or cheese chunks.
Fishy, Cheesy Mashy and SpinachyWholesome and healthy; it’s a great idea to get your little one into fish and serve at least once a week; the cheese balances out the fishy taste and you can always add some chives or parsley to mix it up a bit.
Healthy Veggie MashA fast and effective recipe for a plentiful amount of nutrients your baby needs. Sweet potato is naturally soft so this idea is so versatile. For first tastes from 4 months – overcook the vegetables and puree. To introduce a slight amount of texture from 7 months, mash the carrots rather than blend. To add a little more, from 10 months keep the peas whole. Once your little one is a fully-fledged toddler – cut into chunks and stir through the mash.
Honey & Soy Chicken LollipopsI first made these when Austyn was 13 months old and he absolutely loved them. He was always saying "MORE" when they had all gone. So one day Beard gave them a try and absolutely loved them, so we have them as snacks all the time now. Give them a whirl... they are quick, easy and super tasty.
Vegechickable Cous-CousThis dish is a fab versatile meal. You can add sausage meat to bulk it up a bit for the carnivores. Alternatively, you can add more vegetables for the vegetarians. Personally, I like to keep it plain and simple as a tasty snack for all.
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