Baby Textures 7-10 months

Now that your little one has been introduced to the new world of purees, you can move onto the next steps. The main thing to remember is to ensure you wait until they are used to the previous flavours and enjoying them before stepping it up a gear. Once they do, you can move over to slightly thicker textures and stronger flavour

Braised Beef with Carrot, Parsnip & Sweet Potato BlendThe combination of red meat and root vegetables is a concoction of loveliness that my sons love even now. It is a plate of nutritional goodness and easy to blend. Makes multiple portions that are suitable for freezing for four weeks.
Cod & Veggie TrioBy keeping the amount of cod introduced to this dish low, the transition to the flavour is extremely mild and extremely moreish for your little one. As your baby grows more accustomed to this dish – add more of the fillet of cod. Serves four portions and can be frozen for up to four weeks – super money saving dish and extremely nutritious…
Healthy Veggie MashA fast and effective recipe for a plentiful amount of nutrients your baby needs. Sweet potato is naturally soft so this idea is so versatile. For first tastes from 4 months – overcook the vegetables and puree. To introduce a slight amount of texture from 7 months, mash the carrots rather than blend. To add a little more, from 10 months keep the peas whole. Once your little one is a fully-fledged toddler – cut into chunks and stir through the mash.