Toddler Munch

At this stage, you should start trying to eliminate the purees and blends entirely, unless of course, your child has had previous problems with either chewing, swallowing or digestion. You know your child better than anyone, so just because others are now giving whole foods, doesn’t mean you must – remember it is something to work towards. At this age, Josh did nothing but choke on everything you gave him but it didn’t mean we gave up, we just took everything slower… and watched him like a hawk at every mealtime!

100 Oatmeal BicciesNo, this recipe doesn't make 100 biscuits! But they are called 100 Oatmeal Biccies because the main ingredients are 100g of each, so it's an easy one to remember! I am also fully aware that these biscuits look crap in my picture - this is because I am a terrible baker, but I can assure you they taste lush and yours are very likely to look far better than mine!!
Chicken Pizza ToppersThis is a firm favourite in our house - the kids love this spin on a pizza. It's also great for me as I get the taste of pizza without the dough base which I'm allergic to. It's rich in protein and you can mix and match any veg you want.
Chicken, Pepper & Courgette KebabAlthough this dish takes less than half an hour to prepare and cook, it does require 8 hours of marinating. And it really is recommended to marinate overnight where possible. The longer it marinates the more flavoursome and succulent the kebabs will be.
Chunky Chilli Con SausageYep, you read that right – mince and sausage. It works trust me. Not all kids like chilli but add some sausage chunks and they love it! Gradually if you want to make it hotter, add a few more spices and a bit more chilli. I like making big batches of this and then freezing the rest to have with a jacket potato another time. You can even make this in advance and store in the fridge for up to two days – all the flavours really come together and make it even tastier.
Coriander & Lime Tuna FishcakesI first started cooking these for Austyn when he was around 18 months old. He loves fishcakes but I used to make cod or salmon for him. I introduced this tuna version and he is obsessed with them! And so is Beard. In fact, they all are and the older two don't even like tuna!
Easy Peasy Chapati’sI have attempted to make Naan bread before and failed, so I started with Chapati's and honestly, they are SO easy to make and take just 5 ingredients! They are delicious and can even be mixed up by adding fresh herbs, roasted garlic or even paneer cheese to your dough mixture! The possibilities are endless.
Fishy, Cheesy Mashy and SpinachyWholesome and healthy; it’s a great idea to get your little one into fish and serve at least once a week; the cheese balances out the fishy taste and you can always add some chives or parsley to mix it up a bit.
Healthy Veggie MashA fast and effective recipe for a plentiful amount of nutrients your baby needs. Sweet potato is naturally soft so this idea is so versatile. For first tastes from 4 months – overcook the vegetables and puree. To introduce a slight amount of texture from 7 months, mash the carrots rather than blend. To add a little more, from 10 months keep the peas whole. Once your little one is a fully-fledged toddler – cut into chunks and stir through the mash.
Honey & Soy Chicken LollipopsI first made these when Austyn was 13 months old and he absolutely loved them. He was always saying "MORE" when they had all gone. So one day Beard gave them a try and absolutely loved them, so we have them as snacks all the time now. Give them a whirl... they are quick, easy and super tasty.
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