Fake Away

Everyone enjoys a takeaway. We are a family who loves them! In fact, we went through a stage where we were probably having takeaway once or twice a week because both Beard and I were so busy, we just didn’t have time to cook. The problem is they can be calorific and packed with salt.
Most takeaways now offer healthy options, but if you have them regularly, they can be extremely expensive. So instead, why don’t you feast your eyes on our Fake Away options we’ve put together. Not only are they delicious, but they are easy to prepare and cook, healthy alternatives and taste just as good, if not better than your local takeaway.

Aromatic Lamb KebabThe great thing about this recipe is you can prepare the marinade and freeze it in batches so you can use it whenever you want. You can also marinate the skewers and freeze them for when you need them. It's versatile and tasty - sounds good to me!
Banging Thai Green Curry with Chunky VegThis dish is my kids favourite! They love it and they actually eat all the vegetables which is always a bonus. If you want more kick add some extra green curry paste or some chopped green chilli’s. Serve with thai crackers to dunk in the super tasty sauce.
Bangladeshi Lamb CurryThis curry is the absolute ultimate dish for a Friday Night Fake Away. Team it with our Indian banquet dishes and you are onto a winner!
BBQ Pulled Pork BapLunch with the lads, or grazing with the girls, these BBQ pulled pork baps are delicious both hot and cold. Serve with a banging red cabbage coleslaw on a summers day with a cocktail while watching the kids run around the garden - a simple bap turns into heaven on a plate.
Beef RendangRendang is an aromatic and flavoursome dish originating from the Minangkabau region in West Sumatra. This rich coconut Indonesian stew is utterly delicious served with sticky jasmine rice and crunchy pak choi. But don't take my word for it, give it a try...
Beef Samosa’sYou cannot beat a samosa in an Indian restaurant. They are so delicious! I am not even going to attempt to compare my samosas to your local take away however, I can confirm that they are flippin' tasty all the same!
Black Bean BeefThis dish is so delicious, quick and easy. In just 4 steps: marinade, stir fry, paste and sauce, you can have a delicious meal in just 10 minutes of cooking* It's also healthy as it contains no cholesterol or saturated fats and did I mention it's delicious?! *Requires 2 hours marinating.
Chicken Chow Down NoodleSuper easy fake-away noodles in under half an hour from prep to serving? Hell yeah! Delicious and light - I love this dish scooped up with mini gem lettuce cups and crunchy prawn crackers.
Chinese Beef with Peppers & Pak ChoiQuick, simple and super tasty. Goes perfectly with noodles or sticky rice and is great to make in advance, freeze and remove the day before you want to reheat and enjoy.
Cool Cucumber RaitaThis is a basic raita recipe that takes minutes to prepare and is the perfect condiment for your curry fake-away. Served with poppadoms or on the side of a particularly spicy curry, it's a winner. And if there is any left over, you can even use it as a face mask!
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