Kids Happy Foods

Despite the rule of “don’t play with your food”, my boys have always been able to play with their lunch – I call it feeding their minds and below you can find some of our favourites that work perfectly as a treat, as a bribe to try new foods, or to wow your guests at parties!

Alien SpaceshipsThese little spaceships are so effective and look great as a centrepiece for a space-themed party!
Babybel CrittersWe all love Babybel, right? So how about a cute little leaf salad with Babybel critters and tiny critter raisin poops! What's not to love?!
Crabby PittaA super quick Happy Foods lunchtime treat. A happy snappy Crabby Pitta.
Creeping CaterpillarThese can be made as a small portion for one or just add lots more sandwiches for a party – totally versatile and looks totally awesome!
Critter Fruit SaladThis looks so effective and is a tasty healthy treat for kids. Perfect for parties!
FranktopusA tasty lunchtime snack from under the sea. Our Octopus Frankfurters will be a huge hit with the kids!
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