Meat Free For Meat Eaters

When I was 14, I decided to become a vegetarian because my best friend Zoe was. I lasted 3 days and thought I was going to die of malnutrition because, at the time, I hardly ate fruit or vegetables, so I mainly survived on mashed potato and Heinz Spaghetti Hoops! Fast forward all these years later and I’m surrounded by carnivorous boys…
However, like so many other families these days, I’ve introduced Meat Free Mondays, but at the start, I really did struggle to find recipes they would enjoy. Equally, I didn’t want to waste my time, effort, produce and money on dishes that would just go in the bin. Plus, the kids and Beard despise Quorn!
Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle now to come up with variations that a very meat-eating family will devour, and I know other families struggle too. So, I have compiled a list of fabulous meat-free dishes that even the meatiest of meat-eaters won’t turn their nose up at!

Arrabiata Pasta BakeA super easy and hearty dinner that is so versatile, you can even enjoy it cold the next day for lunch. Scrummy!
BBQ SauceThis is a truly DELICIOUS BBQ Sauce! It does take a little bit of time and does require some of our homemade tomato ketchup, however, you can use standard Tomato Ketchup to save time and hassle if you wanted to! This recipe makes 500ml...
Beetroot Pickled EggsProper posh pickled eggs and the colour of the beetroot juice gives the eggs a magnificent mottled effect once peeled. Enjoy on their own with a cold beer, or sliced in a salad.
Chilli, Parsley & Lime CodA super healthy and Omega-rich meal for the family. If your kids aren't into spice, you can always omit the chilli and replace it with roasted red pepper, or stick with lime and parsley on its own.
Cool Cucumber RaitaThis is a basic raita recipe that takes minutes to prepare and is the perfect condiment for your curry fake-away. Served with poppadoms or on the side of a particularly spicy curry, it's a winner. And if there is any left over, you can even use it as a face mask!
Coriander & Lime Tuna FishcakesI first started cooking these for Austyn when he was around 18 months old. He loves fishcakes but I used to make cod or salmon for him. I introduced this tuna version and he is obsessed with them! And so is Beard. In fact, they all are and the older two don't even like tuna!
Crazy Calzone Pizza’sWe love a Calzone Pizza Party. Invite a group of friends round, have the pizza dough already made and proved ready to roll out and then have tons of bowls of pre-chopped vegetables, meats and cheeses to add. It's great fun for all the family.
Drenched Pesto Pasta & (Optional) Crunchy BaconEveryone loves pesto pasta, or pasta pesto as Austyn calls it. Obviously, it's simple to make, but you seriously need to knock this dish up with our homemade pesto - it takes it to a whole new level. If you LOVE cheese, like us, you can also add crumbled feta and parmesan shavings for 3-cheese pesto pasta.
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