What food do you think of when you think of Easter?

Automatically my mind screams CHOCOLATE! But over the years, as well as having Easter egg hunts that last for ages, forgetting where we have hidden half the treats and the dog finding them before us, we’ve also sat down to some delicious meals that bring all the family together.

Beetroot Pickled EggsProper posh pickled eggs and the colour of the beetroot juice gives the eggs a magnificent mottled effect once peeled. Enjoy on their own with a cold beer, or sliced in a salad.
Chilli Chocolate & Almond MorselsChocolate and chilli...? Don't knock it until you try it! It's rich and punchy and nutty and yummy! Obviously, leave out the almonds if you prefer. But I wouldn't leave out the chilli as that would just defeat the purpose!
Cottage PieThis recipe was given to me by Nan, fondly known as GP, short for Granny Perks. She was an absolute legend and whenever I make this I always think of cosy evenings in her flat and the smell of Cottage Pie coming from the kitchen. This was one of those dishes where my cousins and I would always ask for seconds!
French Trimmed Lamb Cutlets with Multi-Colour VegThis dish is aimed more at older children in the way we have cooked it, however, we adapted this recipe so Austyn could also enjoy it – just see below for a great all-rounder for all the family, the perfect Sunday roast option or a great dinner party classic with a twist.
Hubble Bubble Boiled GammonSuper tasty, moist and succulent - what's not to love about boiled gammon! It's great served warm for dinner, or cold in sandwiches, with a jacket potato, or a salad. If there is lots left over, why not make a pie or a frittata?!
Irish StewThis Irish stew is the perfect winter warmer all cosy indoors while you listen to the pitter-patter of rain outside. It's also perfect for that long Easter weekend when you hope the weather is going to be glorious, but the likelihood is that it's going to be raining and your Easter egg hunt will be indoors. One thing that is for certain is no matter when you have this dish, everyone is sure to enjoy it!
Italian Easter PieThis Italian Easter Pie is so easy to make, looks impressive and tastes fantastic. I'm not sure I can wait a whole year to only enjoy it over Easter weekend!
Pork on a Bed of Herby Potatoes, Carrots & OnionI love this dish, not only because it's cooked in one roasting tin, but because the gravy laps up all the flavours from the meat and the vegetables, then takes it to a whole new level with some Bramley Apple Sauce added. Scrumptious!
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