There is an abundance of blogs and recipe ideas that show incredible things you can create at Halloween, but 90% of them are entirely unachievable for the standard parent. Unless you have an endless amount of time, money and creative juices flowing to achieve it. Our Halloween ideas, however, anyone can do. Why? Because it doesn’t need to be perfect. Ours is always a bit wonky, but still, the kids love it.

If you’re working all day and have no time to create a Halloween spread, don’t. Make the regular food you would usually cook and improvise. Simply, by making up horrendous names and creating place cards work great!

You can do things like:
Spaghetti Bolognese: Boiled worms and minced human
Pie: Crusty roasted rat
Sweet & Sour Chicken: Infused stomach Acid
Lasagne: Possessed pasta
Fish ‘n’ Chips: Flaked guts in deep-fried eyeball shavings
Chilli Con Carne: Chomped veins and red blood cells served with maggots
Fajita’s: Fried zombie and baked alien internals, rolled in vampire skin with mummies topping
Apples: Poisoned apples
Salad: Peeled monster skin
Tomatoes: Evil giant zits
Water/Juice: Witches wee

However, if you fancy being a little bit creative, we’ve also put together some meals you may have seen on our Halloween blog post that are super easy to pull off and create a great Halloween spread.

Cat Litter BrowniesThis recipe is amazing! I often make these for trick or treaters in smaller portions and the look on their faces is priceless! It's pretty simple and it looks great.
Chundering NachosCarve an additional pumpkin with an extra-large mouth (we recommend a slanted mouth – like in the picture) for best results. Fold a piece of foil and lay it through the pumpkin mouth, securing it inside and creating a ‘slide’ into your bowl/plate.
Creepy-Crawly Pizza BapsThis is great for Halloween, but equally fab on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or tomorrow – in fact why not make them tonight!
Critter Fruit SaladThis looks so effective and is a tasty healthy treat for kids. Perfect for parties!
Dead Man PlatterSet the table like a person is lying down: an old shirt with the front open and arms out. Stuff the edges of the chest and the arms with newspaper. If you’re going for maximum shock, have your body displayed with a knife and a hammer dripping in tomato ketchup.Prop mask on a bowl of salad
Earwax NibblesThese Earwax Nibbles are super easy to make and look so effective! The great thing about them is that you can make as many, or as little as you need!
Extracted BrainBring a pot of salted water to the boil. Add potatoes and cook for 15 minutes. Drain the potatoes. Place back into the pan and crush the potatoes
Fermented Monster EggThis is a bit of a yucky looking one, but who doesn't like Mozzarella and Pesto - plus, it only takes less than 5 minutes to prep!
Frankensteins FingersCut the ends off of 5 of the carrots (do not peel).Slice the end of the carrot off to a point from the thickness of the carrot to a thinner edge so the pepper nail can sit flush on the carrot.If you want to add more effectiveness, work out the location of the knuckles, and cut small lengths of V's to look like creases of the knuckles
Goblin FingersAngle a cut across the cocktail sausages so the pepper can sit on top. Arrange all the sausages across a platter. Cut large thin slices of yellow pepper and then cut multiple triangles to form nails for the sausages. Add on top
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