Baby Purees 4-7 months

Just because your child is now four months old doesn’t mean you have to start weaning. Let your baby lead you at this time, they’ve only been in the world between 121 and 213 days. Some babies are not interested in beginning the journey of weaning until past six months; every child is different and… Read More Baby Purees 4-7 months

Baby Textures 7-10 months

Now your little one has been introduced to the new world of purees, you can move onto the next step but make sure you wait until they are used to the previous flavours and enjoying them before stepping it up a gear onto slightly thicker textures and stronger flavours… Leak, potato, spinach, watercress & pea… Read More Baby Textures 7-10 months

Baby Tastes 10-15 months

Solid foods should now be the main focus of mealtimes for your little one. And while puree and blended foods at this age are fine, the introduction of more solids should replace purees to encourage chewing and swallowing chunkier foods. Red pepper dip & veggie dunkers This recipe will make four portions. Try to balance the… Read More Baby Tastes 10-15 months

Toddler Munch

At this stage, you should start trying to eliminate the purees and blends entirely, unless of course your child has had previous problems with either chewing, swallowing or digestion. You know your child better than anyone, so just because others are now giving whole foods, doesn’t mean you must – remember it is something to… Read More Toddler Munch

Family Feasts

Sometimes it really is a pain to be cooking something for a toddler and then your own meal – these recipes are great for all the family, saving time, energy and money – you can spend what you’ve saved on wine instead 😉 Pop back here often, we add to this page every week so… Read More Family Feasts

Kids Happy Foods

The concept for this came when Big Quack started to refuse food and gag whenever he ate. When going to the doctor we were told that they thought he may be “on the spectrum” – at the time we had no idea what they were talking about but while waiting for an appointment we were… Read More Kids Happy Foods