I’m not a chef. I don’t even pretend to be one.
There’s no way I could go on Master Chef, but I am a ‘chef’ in my own right.

I’m not a professional cook either. I am Mum who cooks food. I cook a lot of food!

The recipes I’m sharing with you are raw, rustic and generally unrefined. They are developed and cooked up in a kitchen that’s filled with mess and mayhem.
Just because I’m not a professionally trained chef doesn’t mean I can’t share great food with you. You don’t ever need to be perfect like the images in a recipe.

My recipes are good honest food for the family and I never include a recipe of something that was an epic fail! Anything that makes the cut, I take a picture of it so I can share the recipe with you – the lighting may not be right, the angle a bit sketchy, slightly blurry, but that’s what it’s all about, good old fashioned food that hasn’t been glamourised!

It’s the food I like to cook, the real food I serve and what we regularly eat. Hope you enjoy them!


What food do you think of when you think of Easter? Automatically my mind screams CHOCOLATE! But over the years, as well as having Easter egg hunts that last for ages, forgetting where we have hidden half the treats and the dog finding them before us, we’ve also sat down to some delicious meals that… Read More Easter

Baby & Toddler

Whether you are starting out on your journey of baby purees at 4-7 months, following on from purees between 7-10 months, introducing new flavours and textures with a little one aged 10-15 months, or even dealing with fussy toddlers and trying new meal combinations, you’re in the right place!  

Family Feasts

For me, cooking is therapeutic. I love being in the kitchen and I especially love batch cooking. Usually, once a week, I spend a few hours a week meal-prepping and batch cooking for the week ahead. By doing this, I know we are having freshly cooked, healthy, nutritious dinners every day of the week. The… Read More Family Feasts

Kids Happy Foods

Despite the rule of “don’t play with your food”, my boys have always been able to play with their lunch – I call it feeding their minds and below you can find some of our favourites that work perfectly as a treat, as a bribe to try new foods, or to wow your guests at… Read More Kids Happy Foods

Pancake Day

On pancake day, we like to have a three-course pancake meal. Yes, that means pancakes to start, pancakes for main and pancakes for pudding. Don’t knock it until you’ve read the recipes. It’s honestly DELICIOUS! There are a range of pancakes you can buy and if you plan on doing the 3-course meal, it really does… Read More Pancake Day


There is an abundance of blogs and recipe ideas that show incredible things you can create at Halloween, but 90% of them are entirely unachievable for the standard parent. Unless you have an endless amount of time, money and creative juices flowing to achieve it. Our Halloween ideas, however, anyone can do. Why? Because it… Read More Halloween