Kids Happy Foods

The concept for this came when Big Quack started to refuse food and gag whenever he ate. When going to the doctor we were told that they thought he may be “on the spectrum” – at the time we had no idea what they were talking about but while waiting for an appointment we were told to try including him in cooking – this is where his love of food came from. He started to make pictures from his food. Despite the rule of “don’t play with your food”, my boys have always been able to play with their lunch – I call it feeding their minds

Check out our cold picture plates at the start and then move onto the hot gallery. Big Quack regularly adds more here every month – make sure you follow us on our socials so you can see when a new one pops up

Who’s afraid of the big bad shark?

Big Quack was obsessed with sharks and 12 years on Baby Moo also loves this 🙂

You need:
A few slices of white bread





And serve on a blue plate if you have one


Top and tail and then cut in half lengthways
Cut it again to create a long thin strip. Now shape zig zags along it to make your shark jaws
Cut 12 very thin strips to make your jellyfish tentacles
Cut two small teardrops and these will make your sharks eyes

Cut three slices of cucumber as thin as you can and cut off a small section at the bottom. This will be your jellyfish body
Cut off a strip of the cucumber skin and very carefully cut a couple of little circles to make nostrils for your shark
From the same piece of skin cut two small arches to create eyebrows
Cut another strip of the skin and shape two circular eyes

You just need to pick out a few sprigs of rocket to create seaweed

4.   BREAD
Do this bit last, otherwise the bread could become a tad stale while you do everything else. Cut 3 triangles – these are the sharks fins
Shape another piece of bread so it resembles a shark tail – but try not to make it too big or it won’t look as effective
Finally, visualise your shark – what does his head and body look like? Cut your slice of bread as large as possible to recreate it and cut out a mouth shape, then put it all together just like the picture for your sea life scene!
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Ssssssssneaky ssssssssnake

This is always a hit at our childrens parties. Who doesn’t love a cucumber snake?

You need:

Red pepper

Cous-cous (option


Cut off a slice of pepper and very carefully cut two small circles to make eyes for your snakes
From the same piece of pepper cut a long snake tongue shape

Using the whole cucumber cut approximately 5cm off from the top and bottom of the cucumber and then slice the remaining cucumber, keeping it all in order – this will make your snake body

Sprinkle the cous-cous over the plate to make sand for your snake to lie on. Now assemble the snake on top


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Creeping caterpillar across your plate

These can be made as a small portion for one or just add lots more sandwiches for a party – totally versatile and looks totally awesome

You need:
Brown bread – as much as you need

Sandwich filling





Make your sandwiches with any filling of your choice – something like cream cheese works well as it holds them together when standing on end – alternatively, not over filling them aids this as well. Get a round cutter approximately 4cm and cut out as many of your circular caterpillar bodies as possible – start in the corners and you should get more

Cut the cucumber around 1/2cm and then cut into quarters, add a few little triangular nips out of the skin and hey presto, you have your feet
Cut a thin strip of skin and slice two very small antennae for your caterpillar
Now very carefully cut two very small circles to create eyes

Cut the cheese to make the face so two circles and one chunky smiley face.
Cut a number of circles or squares to place down your caterpillars back

Your cherry tomato simply needs two holes poked with a cocktail stick to make way for its cucumber antennae

Shred the lettuce and make a little caterpillar bed for your caterpillar. Keep one leaf full size and cut out a few holes to look like the caterpillar has been munching – place this leaf where you plan to put the caterpillars head. Now assemble your masterpiece! The sandwiches should be all stacked on end next to each other to create the body, space out the cucumber to make the feet. Add the tomato with its antennae and stick the cheese face and cucumber eyes into place. Pop a cocktail stick into the tomato head and through the first sandwich to hold in place. Now dot the cheese circles across your little critters back

Hey Presto


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Oink Oink sandwiches

These are probably the easiest and most effective. They’re also great fun to create with the kids once you’ve invested in some circular cookie cutters

You need:
A few slices of white bread

A few slices of wholemeal bread





1.   BREAD
Add filling to white bread and create a sandwich – do the same for the brown bread
Cut the bigger circle for the body of the pig
Cut a smaller circle for the head

2.   HAM
Cut triangles out of the ham to create the ears
Cut out an oval shape slightly smaller than your smallest bread circle to make the snout of the piggy – make a snout using a small object such as a chopstick for his nostrils
Cut out long strips for your piggy tails

Very carefully cut two small circles to create eyes

Extremely carefully cut small circles from the cucumber skin and create the eyes for mr pig (alternatively you could use olives
Cut 1/2cm slice of cucumber and cut into quarters. Standing on its edge cut out a small triangle to make toes

Grate the carrot for your straw

Now put it all together! Sprinkle the grated carrot across the bottom of the plate to look like hay

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Flower Power yumminess

We made this when the boys had their friends stay over and they’re the kind of girls that wouldn’t appreciate a shark sandwich – they’re real girly girls and these went down a treat

You need:
Slice of white bread

Slice of brown bread


Cherry tomatoes

Sandwich filling of your choice




Make your sandwiches from your favourite filling – one brown bread, one white bread
Cut a flower shape using a cookie cutter or by hand with a knife into each plus a circle from each sandwich

Cut a long piece of skin and then cut some fine triangles out from one edge to create your grass
Carefully cut two very long fine strips to create two stems and two tiny antennas for the ladybird
Cut 4-6 small thin cucumber skin strips to create the stripes of your bee
Removing more of the skin, cut a few leaf shapes from the fleshy part of the cucumber
Now slice a thin strip and cut into 4 small circles/squares to create the dots of your ladybird
Slice two pieces of cucumber to create the wings of your butterfly
Using the fleshy part of the cucumber centre cut two smallish ovals for your bee wings

Cut the tomato in half and scoop out the middle for your ladybird body

Slice and then cut an oval piece of cheese to create the bee body
Carefully cut four small circles to decorate your butterfly

Cut a few strips of carrots 6 thin ones and one slightly wider to create the butterfly wing design and the body
Now cut two small strips to make antennas for your butterfly

Assemble your creation by placing the grass along the bottom then tuck under your cucumber leaf shapes followed by the stems of your flowers. Complete by popping in your cheese circles into your tomatoes, layering on top of the flower shaped sandwiches and add them on top of the stems


Creepy crawly spider pizza baps

This is great for Halloween but equally fab on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or tomorrow – in fact why not make them tonight!

You need:

Tomato puree




Olives or black grapes – whichever you prefer


1.   BAP
Cut in half and on the bottom add the tomato puree and spread to the edges. Chop the ham and sprinkle over the puree – if you want you can add anything here… pepperoni, peppers, mushroom – it is a pizza after all!
On the other half cut out a big smiley face
Pop the pizza part under the grill until the cheese has melted… meanwhile…

Slice off some wide slices of the cucumber skin and then cut out 8 spider legs – you can shape them however you want – strips are just fine
Now finely slice around 8 strips to create the gaps in your creepy crawly’s teeth
Cut a few more of the strips you did above but halve them, this is for your spiders hairy head

Slice a wide piece of cheese big enough to cover the mouth you’ve cut in the bun – this is going to be your spiders teeth
Cut two big circles for your spiders beady eyes

Cut your grapes or olives in half

FullSizeRender 3


Wooaaaahhh wolf burgers

Again, this is a show stopper for Halloween but equally fab on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday, or tomorrow – just like our spooky spider recipe above

You need:
Burger Bap

Burger – pre-made or make your own

Tomato ketchup




Add red onion if you want a burger throwing up…. Nice I know – slice


1.   BAP
Easy, cut it in half. Job done

Cook as per the packaging instructions while you….

Fry off the onion and set aside once cooked through

I hate sliced cheese (I find it really rubbery) but the only way this recipe will work is if you use it… and it literally makes the dish so dig deep and cut out triangles from one edge of the cheese to make the teeth for your wolf
Cut two small circles carefully for the eyes

Cut your grapes or olives in half – well done – this is another part of the wolfs eyes

Cut a thin slice of the skin from the cucumber and then cut into a strip – you can add a couple of fingers by tapering the end and cutting a few v-shapes to make the arms
Cut two slices and then cut out two v shapes to make three toes

Slice the end of the tomato and set aside for the tongue of your wolf
Cut a section of the skin and chop two triangles to make the wolf ears

Now your wolf will soon be complete, grab your bun and pop the large tomato in first – staggering to the side, lob your burger in, top with your cheese with the triangles you’ve cut out at the front – if your burger plans to be chundering, add the onions now and have them spewing out over the cheese and onto the plate… Alternatively, or as well as, splurge the tomato ketchup over and out over the side of the burger. Pop on the top part of the bun and then wedge in the olives for the eyes topped with the cheese and then pop the pupils in. Jab the tomato ears in and you’re good to go – either your kid will eat the wolf or the wolf will eat your kid first

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Spud Heads

This will always put a smile on your little ones face, especially when you open up the potato heads mouth and speak in a funny voice… probably one of my favourites this one because I even use it on my husband when I want something “please let Leanne buy those shoes Beard, she really does love you ya know!” 😉

You need:
Jacket potato

Slice of ham

Cream cheese



Red pepper

Yellow pepper


Place into tin foil, drizzle with olive oil and a pinch of salt, wrap and place in the oven. While that’s cooking away you can make your new little friend

Cut a chunk from your red pepper and shape two largish triangles to make horns
Cut a chunk from your yellow pepper and shape a smaller triangle to create the nose
Using the same yellow pepper cut two large triangles and on the flat edge cut out two triangles to create toes

Grab a slice of cucumber and cut in half – there are your ears

Using one olive cut two very small circles for the eyes

The prep is now done, so all you need to do is wait for your potato to be ready.
Carefully take your potato out of the oven and gently bash onto the work surface to create a flat base for your head to stand up. Around 3/4 of the way down cut a slit – but not all the way through. Fold your ham in half and stuff into the slit to create lips. Using a knife score a few slits in the places you want the horns, the nose and the ears. Push in the cucumber for ears, the red pepper for the horns and the yellow pepper for the nose. Gauge out two eye sockets using a knife and fill with cream cheese, topped with the small piece of olive. Set down your yellow pepper feet and pop your head on top.
Now say hello to your new little friend.

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