Beefeater, Croydon

The last time I went to a Beefeater was around eight years ago when our neighbour used to treat us to a meal once every few months to thank us for looking after her. It was always pleasant, but mainly because we were eating with her, listening to her tales of times gone by and enjoying her company – as she did ours – it was never really about the food, so when we were asked to review our local Beefeater it felt strange as we thought we knew it so well. Still, in retrospect, when looking at it from a different perspective, we hadn’t taken it all in…

The Beefeater menu is precisely that, meat, meat and more meat – it says it all in the title, doesn’t it really, but it just so happened my vegetarian friend stayed with us at the time. So as a Vegetarian you have the choice of 1-2 options per section. The menu is limited, but I was informed the Cheddar & Onion tart followed by the Mixed Bean Salad was quite tasty if not a tad boring, with not much of a selection to inspire your taste buds. But it was nice, apparently.
The great thing about the website is you can filter the menu for your dietary requirements, you can click here to see the Veggie option, and from here you can also view vegan, no nuts and everything else you may need.

Big thumbs up to the web developers.

Personally, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this being available to diners to view before being seated. However, I am sure in time, with so many dietary requirements, a lot of restaurants will do the same.

The kid’s menu is outstanding – the choice is HUGE, and the prices are such great value I’m finding it hard to understand how the quality can be good.

But it is, even the boys are a mixture of shocked by the portion sizes and happy with what has been served up ^ see above ^
They devoured their meals and loved every course. We loved the price and the fact that they were practically licking the plate. It’s a win-win.

Our meals were nice. Were they gourmet-style? No, of course not, but we didn’t expect that. We expected pub grub served quickly and prepared in advance and the meals were just that. They were portioned well, the meat was very tender and well seasoned, and the choice of foods available for the standard non-vegan human was great.
This is a family restaurant – it caters for the kids, and it’s family-friendly values outweigh a lot of places we have been to previously – the menu screams that, and they’re savvy because if your kids are happy, it makes for a quiet mealtime and you’re going to return.

The downside? The toilets were absolutely FREEZING with only one door that locked and no hot water. This perplexed Josh massively.
The baby changing facilities were a tad substandard too. The nappy bin was practically overflowing, so the stench was gut-wrenching as you disposed of your little one’s soggy excrements. Then you proceeded to open the door directly to tables of diners. Pretty grim, I wouldn’t have wanted to sit on those tables.

Aside from that our experience at Beefeater was a pleasant one. It was relaxed dining, comfortable on the wallet, easy meal time with the family.