Frankie & Benny’s, Orpington

Possibly the shortest review I’ve ever written, but there isn’t much to say.

I don’t want to waste any more of my time, or yours, so I’ll just list the pros and cons.

Staff – Possibly the rudest I’ve encountered.
Service – More interested in chatting to their colleagues or engrossed in their phones than paying any attention to customers.
Cleanliness – Disgusting. Sticky table, condiments covered in grease, the floor was dirty with food under the tables.
Toilets – Two blocked; one with no toilet roll – one unusable as it had not been cleaned.
Food – Cold. Crap quality.
Drinks – Warm wine and beer. Dirty glasses for water.
Music – So loud you couldn’t hear each other speak.
Price – Utterly overpriced for substandard food. I would expect better in prison.

We were sat near the door so we could leave quickly, never to return again – and that doesn’t just stand for Orpington Frankie & Benny’s; this has put us off F&B for life!

I’d like to add that we were not invited here to review the restaurant, however, it was so unbelievably disgraceful, I had to include it in our Restaurants Reviews.