Hello Burger, Hayes

The owner of Hello Burger, Tony Adams, started his career as a bar manager, later becoming a cocktail world champion.

He opened the first Hello Burger in 2015 in Sidcup and later opened his second restaurant in Hayes, Bromley.

The site of Hello Burger was formally known as Dillingers, but when that went under, Tony saw the potential in the location and years later, it’s now become infamous for mouth-watering burgers and thirst quenchingly delicious cocktails.

Hello Burger prides itself on sourcing the best fresh ingredients and was born out of a passion for great quality food and spending time with friends and family. 

We are lucky enough to have this fab American style burger joint at the end of our road, and it’s now one of our favourites. Not only because the food is fantastic but because Tony and Sam are excellent hosts. Every time we go there, we are always warmly welcomed by them. If we call for a takeaway, they are always super friendly no matter how busy they are.

The decor of Hello Burger reminds me of a trendy hang out in Shoreditch. It’s got an industrial vibe about it but still super warm, friendly and comfortable. 

The great thing about Hello Burger is that nothing is any trouble. If you want to switch up your burger and have a little bit of that or not a lot of this, you can. This is good for us, because my two youngest sons are a bit fussy, especially the younger one.

Despite this, the menu is pretty extensive. The only issues we tend to have are that Finn wants less cheese and more bacon. Although Austyn can’t eat an adult burger, he likes to be part of “the grown-up gang” and have something a little bit extra on the side or in his burger.

I must admit, I am a little bit of a burger connoisseur. Self-proclaimed, of course, and that’s primarily because whenever we go out for a meal, Beard always sees a burger on a menu and knows I will probably choose that despite other options on the menu. However, since Hello Burger has opened its doors and we’ve eaten in the restaurant and had takeaways countless times now, I know if I order a burger in another restaurant, I’m going to be let down. They just don’t stack up to the taste or the standard of Hello Burger, so I just don’t bother putting myself through the misery anymore.

Cocktails are 100% our thing, and Hello Burger nails this every time. We have a habit of trying two or three each time we go there, but I swear it’s for educational purposes only so that we can give our honest feedback to Tony and Sam!

If you’re local, you are bound to know this place; it’s the go-to burger bar in the area. If you’re not, you need to make the trip.

And if you’re looking for menu recommendations for a family of 4/5, these are our go-to dishes: Homemade Houmous and Pitta, BBQ Chicken Wings and Halloumi Fries to start.

Josh always goes for a Smokey Joe, Finn opts for a Bacon Cheese Burger (with some form of random, can I have this and can I have that added in for good measure), Beard usually juggles between a Mac Daddy or The Costello. I go for a BBQ Pork & Patty or a Hickory Chicken Burger, and Austyn opts for whatever he decides to make Sam do for him!

As well as the above, the kids have chocolate milkshakes, Beard and I go through the cocktail menu, and when Dad isn’t looking, the kids do a sneaky order of extra Halloumi and some Chorizo on the side.

Despite our favs, whatever you order, you certainly won’t be disappointed.