Inamo, London


Inamo is a restaurant serving Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai cuisine in Soho and Covent Garden. But Inamo isn’t like any restaurant you’ve been to before. Not only because the food is divine, but because of the technology they’re pioneering.

At Inamo, the style is of that traditional style you expect from an Asian restaurant; dark, minimalist decor teamed with wood and plants and the scene set with dimmed lighting. But the difference is the tables. The tables are basically a giant iPad! 

We were invited to Inamo for Beards birthday so as a surprise I organised for our table to be covered in family photos. It was a charming touch.

Interactive projections on your table surface enable you to set the mood, discover the local neighbourhood, entertain you with retro games, live chef-cam feed, and even graffiti your tabletop.

But make sure to do this at least 48 hours in advance and let the team know your booking reservation time and name and email the images to

The interactive table is the perfect distraction if you’re having a meal with kids. You can view the entire menu and order directly from your table using the touch screen, and then you can switch to Chef Cam and see your dishes being prepared! While you’re waiting for your meal to arrive, enjoy the retro games you can play solo or in teams. You can even change your “table cloth” with various colours and patterns – the possibilities are endless, and we absolutely love it!

The staff at Inamo were really friendly and great with the kids. They took the time to explain some of the dishes to clarify if they were spicy and were great with my allergy to shellfish.

The menu is suitable for every pallet, from sushi and soups to small plates and sharing platters. We went for a tapas-style lunch because there were so many dishes we wanted to try, we simply had to get as many as we could! 

For the first time in years, the kids have been thoroughly entertained and allowed us the time to sit and actually talk. And when we weren’t engaged in adult conversation without interruption, we were enjoying family time together, playing games at the table and enjoying an absolutely delicious meal.

We’ve been fortunate in being invited to both their restaurants, and both are slightly different. Personally, I prefer the one in Covent Garden. In contrast, Beard likes the somewhat more intimate style of the restaurant in Soho. The kids do not care which one we go to; they just love it either way!