Q-Bar & Kitchen, Beckenham

Q-Bar & Kitchen has been open for a while now. We’ve heard nothing but fabulous reviews from people who have been there.

From the outside, it looks super trendy, and the cocktail menu appears mighty fine too. It’s my birthday soon, so what better reason than to drop in and check this place out as a birthday treat?

Thanks, Beard.

On arriving, the first thing I notice is the urban style decor; bare brick walls and ambient lighting teamed with striking purple glimmers lining the restaurant with an array of cocktails.
I love this style and bars playing chill music, oozing cool and trendy vibes. Usually, I’d venture up to London for this kind of night, but how great is it that this place is on our doorstep!

Beard is a bit of a cynic, so straight away, I endure his statements along the lines of “yeah well, it may look super-trendy, and it’s pretty famous for its cocktails, but the food may not be great if they’re concentrating on it being a bar over a restaurant.”
Yes, he is partly correct – the cocktails are divine, Q-Royale was my tipple of choice, FYI.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 13.21.08
Not only is the cocktail menu extensive and mouth-watering, but the staff are super friendly, with tons of personality. Consistently chatting with diners enough to make you feel comfortable, but not so much that they pull up a chair, sit down and start sharing your meal with you.

Furthermore, the food menu is fab too. It was so good we struggled to decide what to go for, so we chose to share Kleftico and Lamb Steaks, so neither of us missed out, and both dishes were divine.

The downside? There is no children’s menu.

But on speaking with the manager, there isn’t a children’s menu because they believe that children should have more options than just pizza or fish fingers and chips, so Q-Bar & Kitchen do half portions of every single dish (where possible) for half the price!

Big thumbs up from us – our kids would love it here, and we cannot wait to come back with them in tow.

Sadly, our evening had come to an end, so before our taxi arriving I decide to venture to the loo, and I must admit, I got a tad confused. Looking around corners and trying to suss out whether I’m supposed to go through the kitchen to get to the toilets? Surely not.

A member of staff notices my confusion and points to the right of the restaurant. I’m not wearing my glasses. I’m a tad cocktail squiffy and the lighting is dimmed, so it’s only as I get embarrassingly close to where they are pointing that I realise there’s nothing there but a wall.

Where are the toilets?!

I’m starting to think this is a wind-up, and everyone’s in on it. I can feel people staring at me but trying to avoid making it too blatantly obvious. I can feel my cheeks starting to look like the strawberry in my cocktail. Eventually, some kind chap notices what an imbecile I am and explains that the toilets are through the iconic London telephone box they have at the restaurant’s end – how cool is that!? I love this place. It has it ALL going on!

Delicious food, delightful cocktails, friendly staff, gorgeous decor and guess what? Very reasonably priced. Bonus.