Big Thank You

Our Blog wouldn’t be here without the help of some brilliantly talented people, and we want to thank every single one of them!

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To all the brands and companies that have worked with us. To those who have allowed us to share mutual stories with our audience, and to everyone who has given us fantastic opportunities to provide content. Here’s to you. Thanks for believing in us, choosing us and continuing to support us, by sharing our posts across your own social media platforms, we couldn’t do it without you!Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 11.22.49
Firstly to the fantastic team at WordPress. Anytime of day, weekends, early hours of the morning, they are there online and ready to help with anything I’m having issues with. Outstanding customer service, couldn’t recommend any more highly.

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We love to support people and build their portfolio, and with Unsplash that’s precisely what you can do. It’s an online community of photographers sharing their artwork all for free, and all they ask for is a little thanks for their time. Below is a list of some INCREDIBLE photographers we have featured across our blog;
Aaron Burden
Agence Producteurs Locaux Damien Kuhn
Annie Spratt
Arteida Mjeshtri
Ashes Sitoula
Austin Shmid
Ben White
Bonnie Kittle
Brandon Mowinkel
Bruno Nascimento
Camilla Cordeiro
Chris Thompson
Clem Onojeghuo
Freddie Marriage
Henry Be
Ian Shneider
Ines D Anselme
Ja Ma
Jack Hamilton
James Qualtrough
Joe Desousa
Joseph Pearson
Juan Rojas
Kelly Sikkema
Kevin Morris
Marcus Spiske
Michael D Beckwith
Michael Mims
Michal Grosicki
Raw Pixels
Rob Bates
Roger Burkhard
Sara Rozic
Sebastien Gabriel
Stijn Te Strake
Thomas Kelley
Tiago Muraro
Toa Heftiba
Wayne Robinson
Yingpis Kalayom

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Stumbling across Upwork was possibly the best thing I could have ever done. Although it was a recommendation from WordPress, I was apprehensive about its capabilities, but the site has a vast amount of professionals, from all over the world, all to support you and your business!!
I may be bias, but Zeenath is such a pro and sorts out any technical issues in moments. I can thoroughly recommend her!

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Finally to our family and friends, for a few years before launching our family blog, I used to write a diary, so although this only started at the end of 2017, our blog posts date back a lot further as they refer back to the days of pen and paper! All my family and friends have been an enormous support in sharing our blog and giving us the confidence to make an idea a reality.

Leanne, Beard & The Boys x x x x x