Who We Are

What is The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood all about then?

The journey started as an online WordPress diary in April 2015. Originally this was a hidden site used as a way to prevent my emotions from getting the better of me while documenting all the changes going on during what was a particularly difficult time. It was a diary without me having to pick up a pen. Something to hide behind. Let my emotions run free without judgment. Writing down anything and everything I was feeling without being ashamed. Documenting our life as a family of five. A Mum of three boys.

You can read about how and why it all started here

Consequently, it developed into a self-preservation monologue. Our own personal stories reflecting on the great times and celebrating the good, as well as documenting the bad and the ugly parts of parenting we are all faced with, because let’s be honest, being a Mum of three boys is not easy!
Slowly it became a way of letting people know what we were up to. Friends and family from Australia to Singapore, Ireland to Bali, Cornwall to Scotland were all popping up to say hello and comment on our adventures.

And then… our beautiful surprise happened, and I suppose the rest is history.

The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood - Leanne, Beard, Josh, Finn and Austyn

What is this all about? 

It’s whatever you need it to be…

A place to read articles
A recipe book
Inspiration for a holiday
Ideas for a day out
Honest, unbiased reviews

Plus, everything else in-between.

It’s an everyday adventure about our life, and stories that so many others can relate to. It’s a one-stop-shop of everything family.

Who is The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood?

Initially, it was just me, my diary – but then the kids started taking an interest in what Mum was doing on her computer all the time. Slowly it’s developed to the kids getting involved and even Dad too! Although I primarily write the blog, we all have an input with what we feature, and now the kids are getting older, they are also writing their own content for reviews, blog posts and social media.


Leanne - Mum of three boys

I’m a wife and a Mum of three boys. I work as a Marketing Executive part-time and a self-employed Creative Content Writer for the rest of the time. Any other time I’m juggling mounds of washing, cooking, cleaning and looking for new adventures to embark on. Before this and a career in Marketing, I had… Read More Leanne


Meet Beard - The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood

Beard is known as the grumpy git of the family – the one the kids tease because he likes structure, tidiness and making to-do lists at the weekends. But in all honesty, although we complain, he’s the backbone of our family of five. Beard has his own heating company, Hayes Heating. Needless to say, he is… Read More Beard


Meet Josh - TnTofParenthood

Josh was our firstborn, making an arrival on a sweltering day in August 2005 while ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt (the funniest man on Twitter) played. However, this was ironic because he was a very, very ugly baby! Thankfully, he blossomed and grew into a handsome young man… From a very young age, he was obsessed… Read More Josh


Meet Finn - TnTofParenthood

Finn is a proper boy. He hates fruit and vegetables, bites his nails and always fidgets the second he’s asked to sit still… He’s a tree climber, a worm digger, a mud machine, a basher, a prodder and a picker who absolutely loves playing rugby. Being the lad that he is, he thrives on the… Read More Finn


Meet Austyn - TnTofParenthood

Austyn was a big surprise and how this blog came to be. Born December 2015. To clarify (if you have read our first blog posts and are judging us…) yes he was unplanned, however, he is the best mistake we have ever made. A moment, a decision that I’ll never regret. A time where I can honestly… Read More Austyn


Meet Wally - TnTofParenthood

Hi, I’m Wally and I’m new to the family. I am still finding my feet in the The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood household. However, that is mainly because I have very big boots to fill. If you have been following my human’s story for a while, you would know of Ernie. Consequently, if you… Read More Wally