Beard is known as the grumpy git of the family – the one the kids tease because he likes structure, tidiness and making to-do lists at the weekends. But in all honesty, although we complain, he’s the backbone of our family of five.

Beard has his own heating company, Hayes Heating. Needless to say, he is always busy. Therefore he usually starts his day with a brisk early morning dog walk across the fields surrounding our house and ends the day with a fire down the end of the garden, beer (or red wine) in hand.
I cannot begin to highlight how immensely hard-working he is. Whether grafting to support our family, busy working in the garden, renovating the house or working on some new ridiculous project I’ve decided we should do. Beards mornings always have a “make the day count” attitude.

Beard used to love a weekend away carp fishing with the lads; rods out (that’s not a euphemism…) beers, BBQ, Fortis on and chilling by the lake for the night. Unfortunately, with three boys, it’s increasingly more difficult to do, but any given opportunity we have, we embrace it with open arms, as we all seem to mellow when next to the lake.

Beard - The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood

Beard is a massive petrol head and over the years has had lots of old cars. He started with an RS Turbo, grew up, and moved onto a 4 door MK1 Escort then a MK1 Escort Estate. After that, he was diagnosed with the old Ford bug and continued on to a MK2 Escort Estate. Once you’re at the point of no return, you may as well buy a Ford Poplar 100e, a MK3 Escort Estate, then an Anglia Estate…
Currently, he has a MK2 Cortina GT as well as our family truck, a Nissan Patrol which is basically a peacekeeping vehicle for war-torn countries and is more significant than a bus!

Beard is the person that everyone loves when they meet him and the sparkle in my life. He has the most infectious laugh, the brightest smile and the most stunning warm dark caring eyes you could ever stare into. Plus, his hugs are to die for.

Slush over. Yes, he may look homeless, broken and twice his age, but he’s my homeless defunct elderly sparkle that is like a fine wine that just gets better with age… but hopefully he won’t become corked anytime soon.