Finn is a proper boy. He hates fruit and vegetables, bites his nails and always fidgets the second he’s asked to sit still…

He’s a tree climber, a worm digger, a mud machine, a basher, a prodder and a picker who absolutely loves playing rugby. Being the lad that he is, he thrives on the banter with his teammates at BECC’s (as well as with the coaches). He’s a Saracens fan, regularly trains with Harlequins and has been a mascot at Wembley. Yet despite his rugby mentality on the pitch of taking people down as quickly and as hard as possible, he has a huge heart and is incredibly sensitive. Finn hates to see people suffering and always wants to help; he will make friends with anyone. From kids in the park to random people in the street, as well as neighbours you want to avoid! His big heart extends to creatures big and small, so seeing anything suffer will bring him to tears.

Finn - The Trials & Tribulations of Parenthood

As a proper boy, of course, he loves his sport. However, luckily he isn’t particularly competitive which is a good thing seeing as he is an avid Arsenal fan 😉 just taking part and having fun is what it’s all about for him; being a member of the team and shaking hands with the opposition at full time puts a smile on his face.
On the other hand, he’s the one that has Molton Brown products on his Christmas list. Yep, you heard correct. Once a month he will listen to Chill FM with cucumbers on his eyes, candles and an exceptionally bubbly bath while scents of orange & bergamot, sandalwood or ginseng drift out from his homemade spa experience.
I suppose that’s where his alter ego comes from. For example, not a day goes by when he’s not theatrical. Likewise dancing, rapping, lip-syncing or blasting out a power ballad at full volume isn’t unheard of and he’s been like this since age 2 when his favourite film was Mamma Mia.

Finn puts a smile on our face every day simply because of the kid he is. The YouTube addict who watches vines and memes while asking me random questions like “Do snakes have a penis?” “Why would you give birth to Donald Trump?” and when I find search terms in Google such as “brown god who could stretch very far and had lots of arms and legs” I just have to laugh. He is the random happiness that makes this family go round.