I’m a wife and a Mum of three boys. I work as a Marketing Executive part-time and a self-employed Creative Content Writer for the rest of the time. Any other time I’m juggling mounds of washing, cooking, cleaning and looking for new adventures to embark on.
Before this and a career in Marketing, I had my own organic children’s clothing company, Quack Quack Moo. That’s where my love of writing (and marketing in fact) came from.

I adore all things creative, quirky and unusual. Give me a craft market, a boot fair, a charity shop or even a skip on a driveway, and I’ll rummage around to find something unique for my next project. I love to save a piece of well used antique furniture that others have deemed only suitable for landfill and turning it into something practical. In addition, I am passionate about the world we live in. I believe it is important to make conscious changes to our lifestyles and promote sustainable living for our kids.

Meet Leanne from TnTofParenthood

Mum of Three Boys

My life revolves around my kids, Josh, who was born in 2005, has an immensely dry sense of humour, ASD and is a whirlwind of opinionated quirkiness each and every day. Structure, repeat, rephrase, repeat, sleep.

Then there’s Finn who was born Christmas 2007 while The Pogues, Fairy Tale of New York played. Looking down to witness Father Christmas (the doctor) between my legs and glancing right to see a female Elf (the midwife with a white beard) holding my hand next to me was quite a scene.

To complete our brood, Austyn turned up in December 2015, who defied nature and despite the Mirena Coil being over 99% effective (I suppose someone has to be the minority) we were blessed as a family of 5 with three boys.